Black Am I Free Stage Show Well Supported By Top Reagge Dancehall Acts

526320_104911886362164_1798828312_n                                                                        Ras Kalliko

Black Am  I   is  free stage show  that is held every 28th of February in August  town St. Andrew to celebrate Black history month ,the show  promoters are well known names from the community such  as   Military Man , Short Man , and  reggae dancehall  Artist  Sizzla . This event goes way back from  early  1998  and it continues to bring people locally and visitors worldwide , last year  attendance was  huge  this year  the crown at hand was much more larger .

Lots of upcoming artist , came on first  to  perform  locally and from  worldwide  countries  some  was well received  from the audience . Ras Kalliko a well known dancehall  artist  from   the community and   Reggie Hammer did a good  performance   together in the top acts segment  back by well known backing Band Ruff Cut  , but was cut short because of the amount of artist that  was  schedule to  perform .

Ninjaman  was  well received  and  told  the promoters that next time that  they are putting on the show to call on him to help out  with  money  so that they could  have a better staging  , he complain that the stage was too small  and  he cannot get to move around properly  and the  sound quality was a bit too poor

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                              Nature

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA                                                                    The  Group L.U.S.T

Other acts follow such as Nature, Major Mackerel who brought on two Japanese  dancehall Deejays , who came on and rock the place , followed , The Group L.u.s.t , Ghost , Jah vinci   ,Bushman , Capleton , just to name a few . Sizzla came on  to close the  show , but  was stop at  about  4:15 am  by Police in a very  kind Manner .

Check out the  video footage below , it was very poor , but  at lease you will see some of what went on

Here is a much better video


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