Beyonce Knowles



Real name:
Beyonce Giselle Knowles
Date of birth:
September 4. 1981
Place of birth:
Houston, Texas, USA
Astrology Sign:
5′ 7″ (1.70 m)
Los Angeles, CA
Hair color:
dark brown
Eye color:
Fathers name:
Matthew Knowles
Mothers name:
Tina Knowles
Artist  Actress  , Music , Movie , Television , R&B , Hip Hop, Pop


Beyonce Knowles is a famous singer / songwriter who became famous throughout the nineties as a member of Destiny’s Child, the highest selling female group ever. Destiny’s Child has sold over fifty million records. Beyonce Knowles has gone on from her success in Destiny’s Child to be a successful solo artist and pursue other aspects of her career such as fashion design and modeling. Her singing style is primarily R&B.

Beyonce Knowles was born in Houston, Texas on September 4th, 1981. At a very young age she was already involved in music and dance. When she was seven she sang in the church choir and was a natural at dance school. Beyonce Knowles won dozens of local song and dance competitions during her childhood. Beyonce Knowles and three friends put together a quartet and competed on the television program “Star Search”, but didn’t win. Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles decided to quit his job and manage the group.

In 1998, Beyonce Knowles’ group, renamed Destiny’s Child released the single “No, No, No Part 2” two years after being signed to Columbia Records. The group was restructured during this time to become a trio and with a long series of Billboard chart topping hits, Destiny’s Child became one of the world’s top selling groups over the years of the late millennium and the early nineties. The albums released by Destiny’s Child included their original platinum seller “Destiny’s Child”, “The Writing’s on the Wall”, “Survivor”, and “Destiny Fulfilled”. The greatest hits album for Destiny’s Child in 2005 was the final Destiny’s Child album, and sold more copies than any other best-of album by a female group.

In 2003, Beyonce Knowles released her first solo album “Dangerously in Love”, which immediately shot to number one on the Billboard charts. In 2006, Beyonce Knowles released her second studio album “B’Day”, which sold even better. Beyonce Knowles’ music career continues to do better than it ever has before, and besides continuing to release albums and tour, Beyonce Knowles has appeared in Hollywood films such as “The Pink Panther” and the recent success “Dreamgirls


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