The 25 Hottest Female Athletes to Show Some Skin

Jan  18  2013


Source: Sports Illustrated

Seeing as we are in the midst of the holiday season, a time of giving, I decided to give the readers of Rant Sports an early Christmas present.

If there is one thing that we can all agree on, for the most part, it’s that we really enjoy attractive women, especially if they are athletes. There’s a reason why Anna Kournikova was one of the most popular athletes in the world, and it wasn’t for her stellar on the court record. Although Kournikova was popular, she never shed her clothes for a photo shoot, which might be the saddest moment in hot athlete history. These 25 other women, however, had no problem stripping down for the world to see.

These 25 women decided to bare it all in a variety of ways. Some of these ladies decided to show some skin in certain “gentlemen’s magazines,” while others represented ESPN and Sports Illustrated well. No matter how they posed, I have to thank them for having the guts to go through with it. The eyes of men across the world certainly appreciate it.

Alright, seeing as you probably didn’t even waste time reading what I had to say to begin with, you can start clicking now.

Here are the 25 hottest female athletes that have shown some skin.

Haley Cope



Haley Cope only won one medal as an Olympic swimmer, but she had two sexy photo shoots with FHM and Playboy. We won more than she did.

Vera Zvonareva


Source: ESPN Magazine

Zvonareva, who is a tennis player, said she wasn’t nervous about her ESPN photo shoot, saying she is comfortable with her body. Well, Vera, I am glad you were comfortable with your body.

Serena Williams


Source: ESPN Magazine

Serena Williams is the biggest enigma when it comes to attractiveness.


Hope Solo


Source: ESPN Magazine

I cannot decide if I find Hope Solo really, really hot or really, really scary. It might be a little of both, actually.

Candace Parker


Source: ESPN Magazine

She might have been higher if she didn’t conceive with Sheldon Williams.

Amy Acuff



Amy Acuff has been in as many Olympic games as she has photo shoots. By the way, that means a lot of both.

Source: ESPN Magazine

The fact that Ronda Rousey admitted she likes to have a lot of whoopee before fighting makes her so darn attractive, even if she could kick my butt.

Julia Mancuso



The three-time Olympic medal winner likes to show off.

Katarina Witt



Think of a lot nicer, classier, elegant Tonya Harding, with a nicer body.

Gabrielle Reece



Gabrielle Reece was the top dog in the mid-90s.

Christy Hemme



If all gingers looked like Christy Hemme, I really wouldn’t care about them being soulless.

Ashley Harkleroad


Source: Playboy

Here she is!


Daniela Hantuchova


Source: ESPN Magazine

The sport of tennis has so many underrated hotties. Daniela Hantuchova is just one example.

Gretchen Bleiler


Source: ESPN Magazine

The X-gamer has done a lot of hot photo shoots, but her set in ESPN’s body issue might be her best work.

Belen Mozo


Source: ESPN Magazine


Who’s Belen Mozo? Well, she’s a British golfer for one, and a really hot one for two.


Maria Kanellis



Maria Kanellis was easily one of the hottest WWE Divas to bare it all.

Diana Taurasi


Source: ESPN Magazine

Props to the commentor below, and boo Google image search. Originally, I thought this was Lolo Jones. I guess Taurasi can take that as a compliment.



Natalie Gulbis


Source: Sports Illustrated

Painting these bikinis on these women in the SI swimsuit issue has to be the best job in the world.

Alicia Sacramone


Source: ESPN Magazine

The 2008 Women’s Gymnastics team will go down as the hottest team in Olympic history.

Sable & Torrie Wilson


Source: Playboy

“PUPPIES!” – Jerry Lawler.



Gina Carano


Source: ESPN Magazine

Since people seem to get ticked off when I use my picture of a black-eyed Carano, here ya go. Are you happy now!?

Amanda Beard


Source: Reuters

I have to have her this high on my list, even if I thought the pictorial was a little underwhelming.

Alex Morgan


Source: Sports Illustrated

Alex Morgan is America’s sweetheart. I mean, who doesn’t love her?

Arriany Celeste



There’s only one way to describe Arriany Celeste. I’ll just leave you with this:


German Soccer Team


Source: Playboy

You’re going to Google now, aren’t you?


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